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 SGM & League meeting

Monday 24th April

7pm start @ The Cornwall FA Offices, Bodmin.


Cup Fixtures Sunday 7th May.

Under 9's

  1. Wadebridge v Bodmin Panthers
  2. Pensilva v St.Blazey
  3. Dobwalls v Week St.Mary
  4. Charlestown Rhinos v Looe Colts
  5. St.Teath v Charlestown Warriors
  6. Biscovey v Tregorrick Hotspurs
  7. St.Mawgan v Liskeard
  8. Newquay Rangers v Bodmin Beasts
  9. St.Columb Major v St.Dennis Bears
  10. Bodmin Cougars v Biscovey Avengers
  11. St.Stephens in Brannel v St.Dennis Tigers
  12. Truro Panthers v Looe
  13. Tregorrick Gulls v Bye
  14. Padstow Utd v Bye

Under 10's

  1. St.Blazey Marvels v Biscovey
  2. Week St. Mary v Truro Titans
  3. Charlestown v Fowey
  4. Liskeard v Biscovey Colts
  5. Looe v Bude
  6. Tregorrick Devils v Bodmin
  7. Pensilva v Wadebridge
  8. Dobwalls v St.Mawgan
  9. Bodmin Utd v Goonhavern
  10. St.Teath v St.Dennis

Under 11's

  1. St.Stephens v Charlestown Bears
  2. Week St.Mary v Probus
  3. Bude v Bodmin
  4. Biscovey v Dobwalls
  5. Newquay Colts v St.Blazey Blades
  6. Kilkhampton v St.Mawgan
  7. St.Columb Major v Wadebridge
  8. Liskeard v Tregorrick Tigers
  9. St.Blazey v Bye
  10. Looe v Bye 



@ Charlestown YFC.

Saturday 20th May

ALL Under 8's teams,

Under 10's fixtures tbc,

Under 12's Premiership Cup. AC Tregorrick v Biscovey Colts

Under 12's Championship Cup. Biscovey v Newquay Rangers

 Under 14's fixtures tbc

Sunday 21st May

All Under 7's teams,

Under 9's fixtures tbc,

Under 11's fixtures tbc,

Under 13's Premiership Cup fixture tbc

Under 13's Championship Cup. Tregorrick Terriers v Truro City Predators

Under 15/16's Cup fixture tbc







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