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Safeguarding Children

"Every child or young person under the age of 18, who plays or participates in football should be able to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment,protected from abuse."


DBS is mandatory!

The CRB has been renamed to a DBS check and all coaches / managers who have regular contact with children will need to ensure they have been completed as within the nexy 12 months it will become a criminal offence if your DBS is not valid or the club does not have one completed. This process will be overseen by Simon Snell and the County FA.

Online Safeguarding Service

The Online Safeguarding Service provides you with a list of coaches attached to your club and the status of their FA DBS checks. It also allows the club welfare officer to add and remove members.

To access this report you must be a fully qualified Welfare Officer with an Accepted FA DBS check, have attended a Safeguarding Children Course and a Welfare Officers Workshop. Qualified Club Welfare Officers are encouraged to use the FA CRB Online Application Process.

The cost of of the paper copy for a DBS check is now £20 but if you register and complete it online it only costs £10. It is easy to get set up and teh first step is to visit and follow the step by step guide.

Safeguarding Children - New Recertification process

From March 2012 anyone who has completed the 3 hour Safeguarding Children Workshop and / or the paper recertification can take the Online Safeguarding Children Recertification Course. This includes those who have an expired Safeguarding Children Workshop Certificate or paper recertification.

The content of the Online Recertification extends revision and learning beyond the paper recertification content and brings participants up to date with current practice, including Respect and Social Media.

The course enables Coaches in FA Charter Standard Clubs to maintain their Safeguarding training as required in health checks. It also allows Coaches to update their Safeguarding training record and join the Licensed Coaches Club.


The cost is £13.95 per delegate including the cost of the certificate delivered to their home after completion. Delegates can complete the course at any computer that has access to the internet and can dip in and out of the modules whenever their commitments allow.

Access to the Online Course

The FA Anti-Bullying Policy

Remember it's not just about having a paper policy in place. It's about making sure everyone in your club knows that bullying won't be tolerated and that they know what to do if bullying should occur. If you have a club website, please link to The FA's anti bullying policy.

Make sure your coaches and team managers know what to do if they observe any bullying at the club. Let your players and their parents/carers know the club won't tolerate bullying and what to do should this happen.

If you haven't already done so, sign up to The FA's Respect programme which promotes positive behaviour by all participants, parents and spectators. The link is below.

If your club coach needs their FA CRB Disclosure numbers they can get their number by emailing with their full name and date of birth or phoning 0845 2108080.

Safeguarding Workshops and Welfare Officer Workshops

For our next workshop please contact 01208 269010.

If you lose your Safeguarding or Welfare Officer workshop certificates you can order a replacement from FA Learning on 0845 2108080. Please be aware there is a charge for this service.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act

A guidance statement has been made by The FA in January 2010. It will be available to download soon along with a link to find out how this act will affect football clubs.

Safeguarding Children and CRB Enquiries

The FA Safeguarding and Equality general enquiries number 0845 210 8080 is aimed at anyone who wants to find out more about The FA's Safeguarding Education Programme, The FA CRB Unit or anything relating to Safeguarding Children in football.

Please note this number is also used as a general enquiries number for the Equality Education Programme.

Don't forget you can use for general safeguarding enquiries and for CRB specific issues.

On telephoning this service, callers will hear a message that will direct their enquiry to the team best equipped to support as detailed below:

  • Welcome to The FA enquiry helpline
  • If you have a CRB enquiry please press 1
  • If you have an FA Learning workshop or course enquiry press 2
  • If you have a Charter Standard enquiry press 3
  • For all other enquiries press 4

The FA has issued advice on policies and procedures for keeping children safe and other information such as Guidelines on Photography and Children.

There are websites available for reporting illegal content run by the police national crime squad.

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